Dog Dicer
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Dog Dicer

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A simple, lightweight hot dog slicer, shaped to fit a single hot dog that will cut the hot dog into 48 individual 1/4 " thick half moon shaped bite sized pieces. Using the DOG DICER will dramatically reduce the risk of choking hazards of these American classics and make them safer for children to eat, all with one quick, simple motion.

Hot dogs are statistically among the top three foods that commonly result in fatal choking among children. Because they are cylindrical and compressible, they can easily get stuck in a child's esophagus, completely cutting off their air supply. Parents are advised to cut or dice hot dogs before feeding them to any child age six or under. It takes time to slice these into small pieces.

   Great for cutting cooked carrots!                  Also cuts grapes, bananas, straberries
                                                                            and other soft, kid friendly foods!

The DOG DICER will not only save you time in cutting up hot dogs into smaller bite sized safe to eat pieces, but can dramatically reduce the risk of choking hazards that are associated with children eating hot dogs.

Dramatically Reduces Choking Hazards

Quick and Easy To Use

Cuts Meal Prep Time In Half

FDA Approved ABS Plastic and Stainless Steel

Dishwasher Safe