Disposable Travel ID Wristbands
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Disposable Travel ID Wristbands

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ID BRACELETS - These are simple to use and inexpensive ID bracelets for your children. They are a great ID bracelet for use while on vacation as you can discard and replace whenever you change hotels or locations. Greatly reduces the amount of time that your child will be separated from you or a guardian in the event they are lost. These disposable ID bracelets are perfect for vacations, theme parks, water parks, the beach or any time you want a disposable ID. The ID bracelet has a spot for your contact phone number, which lets concerned adults or authorities quickly contact you and reunite you with your child.

If you were separated from your child, they may have difficulty in communicating to those around them due to their age or language differences. These wristbands provide the answer! They are bright yellow in color (to appeal to both boys and girls) and have the text "If I'm Lost - Look Inside". You can take a group of children to the pool or zoo and take one package of 10 bands to protect all 10 children at one time. Plus, the bright yellow color makes it easy for you to spot your group of children.

Adults can also use these wristbands while jogging, swimming, skiing, and other outdoor sports when out alone. Keeps your family contact information on you in case of any emergency.


  • Includes 10 bracelets and 1 pen
  • Waterproof
  • One size fits all - kids and adults
  • 10" long by 1" wide
  • Adjustable
  • Great for Travel or Sports
  • Strongly Constructed from Tyvek - will not rip or tear
  • Includes Waterproof Pen